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Sash windows are one of the best features of any property as they stand out in a positive way and add value to any home. People who walk or drive past your home will look and appreciate the effort you have gone to in order to make it look as beautiful as it does with such a simple feature. On the down side, once they start to deteriorate they can soon become an eye sore. There is nothing worse than looking at your windows and thinking they look damaged or outdated. Over time they lose their ability to perform to high standards and start to let more and more noise through.

The primary features of letting the light in and not allowing the heat to escape can also be affected by aged windows. You might think that the only solution is to replace the ones you have with new windows and this can be very expensive to do. However at David Humble I offer sash window renovation services that are a much cheaper alternative to replacement, that will give you the same incredible results.

Operating from Northumberland’s South East area, I’m pleased to offer services to the whole of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and County Durham. I want to be as flexible as possible in order to carry out our work on as many homes and workplaces as I can. I have a friendly and approachable nature because I believe that this is the best way to give great customer service.

My professionalism gives me the evidence that proves I am a top quality craftsman that knows how to get the best outcome every time. Free surveys are available if you are unsure if your windows need restoring and if they do I can give you an exact price to renovate them to a like new condition.

Sash window restoration Northumberland

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Sash window restoration Northumberland


Sash windows, especially in old Georgian and Victorian homes can become damaged over time due to inclement British weather and the environment in general. If this was to happen thankfully there is a small firm who can help to restore your sash windows to their original quality.


Many of the sash windows that exist today are over 100 years old and due to the elements many are not in the greatest of conditions. Instead of replacing authentic sash windows with more modern uPVC it is cheaper and much more environmentally friendly to repair your existing windows.


My renovation services offer sympathetic restoration to ensure your sash windows are at their best. I undertake a full clean and maintenance as well as adding draughts and insulation. I take apart your sash windows and clean, test and maintain every working part of its mechanism.

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