My main focus of work comes in the form of renovation services. I take your windows that are showing signs of damage and inefficiency and turn them into high quality performing sash windows that look brand new. By using a perimeter sealing system, the windows can be taken out and repaired from the inside. This is much faster and means you don’t have to spend time climbing up ladders on the outside of buildings in order to reach difficult windows.

This is what I recommend anyone with older windows to have installed as non of the appearance features are affected but it can prevent draughts and dust getting in and causing problems, like rattling of the window and damp in rainy weather. With a perimeter sealing system the sashes can be taken out in minutes and renovated to a level that you are certain to be satisfied with.

A common way that windows are damaged is broken glass. At David Humble I use new or when possible recycled glass to do all I can for the environment and offer the nearest style we can to the original. As I said the process is very simple and involves removing the beads around the sashes then the sashes themselves. Next they have to be deglazed and repairs carried out including any paint being removed.

Pulleys are often common places where windows break so I carry out services and replacements to ensure they last as long as possible. All appropriate adjustments and balancing is completed to create a perfect fit and all the beading, lifts and catches are added to complete the window renovation and draft proofing. If you feel you need more information to make your decision I am always available to talk to by calling 01670 515 622 or if you prefer emailing me at