Having beautiful sash windows can add character to your home, sought after features, they add ‘kerb appeal’ and value to a property. However many uPVC window companies have started replacing wooden sash windows on the basis that replacing sash windows is cheaper than repairing and renovation.

Sash window repairs though are generally cheaper and once restored and maintained in a good condition can last indefinitely. Wooden sash windows that are well cared for can be extremely long lasting and durable.

Here at David Humble, Sash Window Renovation, I have many years of experience in providing top quality sash window repairs and Sash Window Renovation in Northumberland. I have taken on projects on both commercial and domestic properties and take pride in producing the highest quality work available. I understand the specific nature of sash windows and the specialist treatments, repairs and renovations they need to get them back looking as good as new.

My renovation services offer sympathetic restoration to ensure your sash windows are at their best. I undertake a full clean and maintenance as well as adding draughts and insulation. I take apart your sash windows and clean, test and maintain every working part of its mechanism, from pulleys to catches every part of the sash window is cleaned and renovated. Renovations and maintenance is quite important to sash windows as many are at least 100 years old if not older. Sash windows were introduced from France in the 17th Century and from there onwards became the most popular type of window until the 1970s when uPVC and other alternative frames became popular.

Now with more emphasis on the conservation of traditional windows and the environment, getting your sash windows restored doesn’t just save money and energy, but can also help the environment. UPVC only lasts about 25 years and then is thrown in to a landfill site to which they are not biodegradable. Conserving sash windows not only helps stop non biodegradable uPVC from entering the environment but keeps the beauty of wooden frames alive. So for money saving and beautiful frames, don’t replace them call a specialist like me, who has passion to restore the beauty in sash windows.