Specialists in sash window renovation

At David Humble, Sash Window Renovation I am a specialists in sash window renovation and Sash Window Repair in Northumberland.

I have passion for bringing life back to old, broke and damaged sash windows. With many years of experience I have worked on many projects around the North East and UK. I take pride in helping preserve the beauty and history held within the windows. Wherever possible I will repair and renovate your existing frames without the need to replace the whole window. If they are too badly damaged however I can replace your frames sympathetically, ensuring they fit with the style of your home.

My expert repair services can fix anything from panes of glass to replacing full pulley mechanisms. Whatever your problem is, I can be with you quickly and professionally. If your window just needs maintaining I also offer a renovation service which can strip, clean and rebuild your existing windows getting your windows back to their former glory. I take pride in offering affordable quality services to my customers to help them conserve their beautiful windows.

Leading provider of sash window restoration

Here at David Humble I am a leading provider of sash window restoration services.

I am based at the very heart of Northumberland and I am at the heart and soul of the North East community. As a company I have been established for a number of years and I am committed to providing your sash windows with the highest quality finish possible. I have worked on a number of small and large scale projects over the years, for both the residential and commercial sector, and we work across Northumberland, County Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle.

To help retain your sash windows to their finest possible standards I use specialised tools, as well as my unmatched skills, in order to create a finish which is eloquent and aesthetically pleasing. I am passionate about the role I play and I will go the extra mile to provide you with the finest possible service.

To provide you with the finest possible service, and also the most economical solution, I offer a completely free and no obligation survey which helps me to provide you with an extremely accurate quotation of the price of my overall service. The survey helps me to examine the condition of each window and we can provide you with a quotation on a window by window basis.

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