Like many other historic market towns in the UK, Hexham has a number of beautiful heritage buildings. They can have some stunning features. At David Humble we work to preserve the most important ones; the sashes. We are the top experts for sash windows in Hexham. Whether you need repair, renovation, or restoration, we can give you the most incredible services.

Maximising the value

Sash Windows HexhamFeatures like original sashes can add a lot of value to properties. Anyone who appreciates the heritage and character will love seeing them. They add a massive amount in terms of aesthetics. Plus, they can make the buildings more valuable too.

There is a caveat here though. The amount of value all depends on the condition. If the sash windows look beautiful and have been maintained carefully, you get the best results. However, if they are old and showing their age, or no longer open, it can actually detract from the value.

To ensure you benefit from having original sashes, make sure you give them the attention they deserve. Keep an eye out for any problems like warping, rot, or rattling. Do maintenance when they need it.

Expert services for sash windows in Hexham

The chance of issues developing with your sashes drops massively if you take good care of them. However, there could still be some problems. If they haven’t had any TLC in a while or you do spot an issue, you can rely on David Humble. We can provide the most reliable services, giving clients a much better alternative to replacing the windows.

Firstly, you may notice that a sash is broken or has an issue like wet or dry rot. In these cases, we can offer sash window repair services. They can resolve little issues or serious ones. It can even include replacing parts of a frame that are rotting.

If your sashes are showing their age, it doesn’t mean you need to replace them. What you could do instead is choose our sash window renovation service. We remove the window here, strip it back, clean everything, and reassemble and re-install. It can make them look fresh and new.

Finally, you may want a sash window restoration service. It can completely restore all aspects of the windows, including frames and the mechanism. We can even use a perimeter sealing system to get rid of draughts and rattles. It will improve energy efficiency in the process.

Choose the finest services

David Humble delivers the highest level of craftsmanship for sash windows in Hexham. We appreciate that a lot of work went in to creating original timber windows. As a result, we want to celebrate this by ensuring our own work is to the same standard. By using our impressive skills and specialist tools, we can do just that.

Our work is as good for your budget as it is for your property too. In most cases it will be cheaper to get a repair, renovation, or restoration service than a replacement. Why pay more to replace beautiful original sashes with a modern alternative or different style entirely?

So, if you want to get a better idea of the cost, contact us and book a free survey today. We will be able to give you an accurate quote once we get a look at your sashes.