Morpeth is a beautiful market town with a fantastic history. You can see it in numerous historic properties, especially with original features like windows. At David Humble, we work to protect the heritage and character of the area. We do this by offering expert services for sash windows in Morpeth. It can include repair, restoration, and even full renovation if necessary.

The value of sashes

Sash Windows MorpethWindows are beautiful features that add lots of value to the property. This is particularly true when it is charming original sashes. They also offer benefits in terms of letting a lot of light and air into your home.

However, if you don’t take good care of them, they can become detrimental. They can hurt the value of the property by making it look old, tired, and outdated. Plus, problems can start to happen such as draughts and rattling. In some cases you may be unable to open or close them.

To preserve the value of your sashes and ensure your property is comfortable, you need to manage the windows. Most importantly, you should keep an eye on wear and tear. If you notice issues, resolve them or get professional help as soon as possible.

All the help you need with sash windows in Morpeth

If you do have issues with your sashes, you don’t need to resort to replacing them. Our exceptional services could make them like brand new again.

In terms of sash window repair, we can do all kinds of things. This can include replacing rotten sections, fixing cords and weights, and much more. As a result, it will get everything back working as it should.

If your sashes are very old and have not had the best care, all is not lost. Sash window renovation could strip, clean, and rebuild them. After re-installation, they will look brand new.

Even in the worst cases you may not need to resort to replacing your sashes. We could offer a complete sash window restoration service. It will get them back to their best, with a stunning finish. You will have the perfect combination of aesthetics as well as performance.

Arrange a professional service

David Humble is one of the very best if you have sash windows in Morpeth that need some attention. We have years of experience and value true craftsmanship. With specialist tools and unique solutions such as a perimeter sealing system, we can deliver outstanding results every time.

Our services are also an economically sound choice. Repair, renovation or restoration will generally be cheaper than replacement. Plus, you will get to keep enjoying your beautiful original windows.

So, if you want a free survey, please get in touch. We can give an exact price for any project.