Newcastle has thousands of years of history and a rich architectural heritage. David Humble can offer a range of services to help preserve some of the most beautiful features of the buildings. We focus on sash windows in Newcastle, offering repair, renovation, and restoration work. You can expect beautiful results from us.

Appreciating the value

Sash Windows NewcastleIf you consider the various features of buildings, one that offers the most value is the windows. It is particularly true if they are original sashes with hundreds of years of history. They look stunning, especially if you compare to modern uPVC and other styles of window.

The downside is timber sash windows need more care. Wood is vulnerable to the weather and not as durable as other materials. The mechanism to open the sashes is also more complex than simple hinges. Therefore, you need to put in the work to maintain everything. If you don’t, they can detract from the value of your property.

What you should do here is take the time to check the windows regularly and do maintenance whenever necessary. It can ensure they look great and also reduces the risk of issues like draughts or rot developing.

Professional help with sash windows in Newcastle

Sometimes you will need to get experts like us to help you with the windows. For example, it can be necessary if they won’t open, show signs of rotting, or simply look old and tired. Craftsmen like us can provide services to restore them. It is a much better option than replacement.

One thing you can rely on David Humble for is sash window repair. We can do all kinds of things, such as fixing broken frames and glazing. We can even look at the cords and weights inside the frame if you have problems opening the sashes. At the end of the day, our repairs will ensure everything is back to normal.

Older sash windows may need a bit more TLC. We can offer this with our sash window renovation service. What we do here is take the windows out, strip them back, clean everything, and rebuild them. They will look brand new once they are back in place.

Our sash window restoration service can get everything back to its absolute best. It can ensure the sashes have a beautiful finish and work smoothly. We can even ensure they are sealed and insulated to improve energy efficiency. This is much better than replacing them.

High quality services

David Humble is the name to trust if you want true craftsmanship. There is no better option for sash windows in Newcastle. We have experience with different styles of sashes from various periods. We’ll use specialist tools and apply our knowledge to deliver the finest results.

If saving the windows and adding value to the building wasn’t enough, our services also make sense financially. It is generally more cost effective to get a repair, restoration, or full renovation than it is to replace old sashes.

So, if you want to get a better idea of the costs and benefits, contact us. We provide free surveys, ensuring we can give you an accurate quote after seeing the condition of your windows.