Always consider aesthetics with sash windows

David Humble provides repair and sash windows restoration Northumberland property owners will be immensely pleased with. We are committed to providing the best level of service because sashes can be among the most important characteristics of any home. Unfortunately, they do deteriorate with time. That is why we provide our services and work so hard to retain them.

Sash windows are a distinctive feature of many Georgian and Victorian houses, and are a nice reminder of the past. However, just because they are a classic window style, does not mean that modern homes need to go without. In fact traditional features such as authentic ironmongery, bottom rails, and astragal bars can add a nice touch to any type of property, contemporary or historical.

If you are living in a Edwardian or Victorian style property, it is already likely to have timber sash windows installed. So you may find yourself performing regular maintenance to ensure they look good and operate smoothly, as they were when first installed. Keep on top of this and the frames can last a very long time.

With thanks to businesses such as ourselves, it is made so much easier to keep sashes looking brand new. With our help they will operate efficiently and smoothly. This is achieved by restoring the windows to their exact original function.

If your home has sash windows installed already, and you are thinking of replacing them, think again. Replacing them could compromise the aesthetic of the property, whether historical or modern. Why risk losing such an important piece of character? Replacing them could have a big impact on the value of the property; buyers generally love original features.

If you are thinking of getting your sash windows renovated, David Humble can provide you with the best solutions. If you would like more information from the best team for sash window restoration Northumberland has, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.