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Looking after Victorian sash windows

Looking after Victorian sash windows

sash window restoration NorthumberlandIf you are in need of sash window restoration Northumberland has a suitable business ready and waiting. We serve the entire area and help everyone with rectifying the issues with their sashes. No matter what the circumstances are, we always find a way to get the greatest outcome. Continue reading

Set your restoration goals

When you do any type of restoration it is important to set goals before you begin. This will help you to decide what you want to achieve so you can plan properly. It will also be useful in helping you calculate how much you want to spend. If you are thinking specifically about sash window restoration Northumberland has nobody better to help you. Our team at David Humble can restore your windows and ensure they look pristine. Continue reading

How to approach painting timber sash windows

Timber sash windows require the correct level of maintenance to stay in good condition. For instance, you may need to paint them regularly so they continue to look great as time goes on. This job requires the right care in order to avoid sealing them in the process. However this is not something you have to worry a great deal about. David Humble is here to help you, offering the sash window restoration Northumberland can count on for amazing results. Continue reading

Tips for proper sash window care

One of the most integral parts of a home is the windows, but they can be somewhat fragile. They could pose serious problems in terms of safety, efficiency, and security when left in a state of disrepair. Windows may not appear all that complicated when you first look at them. However, they require the right kind of attention and care to keep them in the right condition. This can involve calling on David Humble, the leading name for sash window restoration Northumberland has. Continue reading

Evidence that your sash windows need repairs

Evidence that your sash windows need repairs

sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhen people want to buy a period property and make it a home, a feature they often look for is sash windows. Maintenance is vital to preserving the heritage and charm of sashes. It also helps them last longer. When minor maintenance is not enough, you should turn to the sash window restoration Northumberland can trust.

It is important that you regularly inspect windows and check for issues. This is even more crucial if you have old timber sashes. There are certain signs to look for that indicate it is time to turn to professional services to get them back in good condition.

Difficult operation

Older properties have seen various owners and a lot of decoration. In this time, sashes are often painted shut. There are some that have, over the years, got to a state where they can open but won’t stay that way. You can restore them to improve the fit and allow you to open and close them as much as you would like. This provides you with the chance to ventilate your space and better control the temperature.

Timber rot

A common issue people encounter is rotten timber in the sashes or the window sill. This happens from years of dealing with British rain and wind. A thorough examination is necessary to determine the extent of the issue and figure out the best approach going forward. Extensive rot will call for a full replacement of the sill and lower box to maintain strength.

Poor aesthetics

A period window can enhance a room by bringing classic proportions and a gentle nod to historical architecture. At the same time, they perform the practical functions that you need from windows. Sometimes sashes work perfectly but no longer look like they did in their former glory. It is at this time you should consider upgrading the hardware with a new lick of paint and deal with any other aesthetic issues.

Professional sash window restoration in Northumberland

This is not all though; there are many other issues you might need to address like draughts and rattling. At David Humble, we help customers retain as much of the original window as we can. At the same time, we tackle issues such as leaks, heat loss, and those listed above. Renovations can solve problems while maintaining your home’s heritage.

When they are in need of sash window restoration Northumberland home owners can turn to us for work with a specialist touch. Contact us to book our services or to learn more about what we do.

Sash window restoration matters more than you might realise

Everyone should commit to preserving original wood frame sash windows. They tend to be a common part of Georgian or Victorian architecture. This feature of historic houses is a beautiful one that deserves protection. At David Humble we provide the best sash window restoration Northumberland offers. As a result, we can protect these windows, even catering for homes with Grade 1 or Grade 2 status. Continue reading

Think twice about double glazing

The thing about sash windows is that they are among a building’s most visible signs of their character. It simply would not be the same without them. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to protect them. We help with this by providing superior services for sash window restoration Northumberland locals can rely on. Continue reading