Am I maintaining my sash windows properly?

Since their conception during the 17th century, wooden sash windows have become a very popular window choice. This is due to the ease of use and their aesthetics. However, they are vulnerable to ageing and damage. We don’t want you to experience any issues. That is why we offer the best solutions for sash window restoration in Northumberland. We also provide tips to make sure you are maintaining them properly. Read on to discover more.

Do some painting

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandFirstly, you should paint your windows when they need it. Timber can deteriorate heavily if you don’t care for it properly. It is especially likely when it gets wet or there is high humidity. Luckily, you can help the situation here by painting them and maintaining the coating.

You are best off repainting sashes every three to four years for preservation. A simple coat of normal paint can yield good results. But, specific timber paints also exist that could prove more useful. Have a look around and select the right option for you.

Oil the window system

These windows function using a counterbalance system. So, it is critical that components can work smoothly to ensure the best possible operation. Some of the most noteworthy elements include the counterweight, inside mechanics, and the general frame. You may need to oil them to help prevent issues. This ensures that the window will work properly.

Replacing the cord

In the same area, it is essential that the cord for your counterbalance mechanism is in good condition. It plays a crucial role in holding the windows in place. You don’t want to risk it snapping because it can mean you can’t open them. Even worse, it could drop the sash, potentially damaging it and the glass.

Replacing the cord isn’t the most difficult job in the world. You just need to remove your sashes from the window frame. Then, you will be able to access the hinge that holds the cord up. Come to us if you need the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Keep things clean

It is a really good idea to ensure that everything is clean as well. However, like with most other things, there are wrong and right ways to do it. You want to avoid the former to ensure you don’t accidentally cause any damage.

For example, when you clean the window panes, it is best to employ a microfibre cloth. Don’t use paper towels. This will produce static, inviting more grime and dirt to appear.

Install appropriate security measures

The windows are one of the home’s most vulnerable areas. As such, you need to make it safe by securing them to the highest levels. For this reason, installing adequate security measures is wise. Things like height restrictors are a great investment.

Check your sash windows regularly

There isn’t any way of knowing that your windows or their mechanics are working properly without doing frequent checks. We’re not saying you need to do this each day. But, doing a complete check every so often is smart to ensure there aren’t any problems developing.

We know how to get results with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are first class craftsmen who understand how to get the best results each time. Additionally, our people are flexible since they can work on a myriad of homes and workplaces. That means you can rely on us to repair and maintain your windows.

So, speak to us if you need the foremost services for sash window restoration in Northumberland. Your windows will be in the safest hands.