Are modern windows as effective as you think they are?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandSash windows have a great influence on almost every property you find them in. This is of course if you maintain them. If you don’t, they will wear in time and cause plenty of problems. What we do is step in and provide the best sash window restoration Northumberland has available. Our work means you won’t have to spend your money on replacements.

Many people are in love with period architectural elements like sash windows. However, there are those who swap them for new uPVC. These ones often lack character. Reasons for them coming to this decision include energy and cost efficiency. Some also don’t know that it is possible to repair and upgrade sashes. What we are going to do is dispel some of the most common misconceptions about window conservation.

Replacement is not the only option

Something you might have heard is that your sole option is to replace your classic sashes with modern designs. This is either because they are not energy efficient or have rot and are simply not repairable. However, not many operational original sashes are beyond repair. A skilful company like ours can strip the window down, remove the glass, repair your frame, and replace the glass. We will restore them and try to stay as true to the original design as possible. Contact us for top tier sash window restoration Northumberland residents can rely on.


Another thing you could have been told is that classic sashes are not sustainable. You may even believe that they are having a negative environmental impact. In reality, original sashes are much less of a sustainability issue when you compare to plastic. Consider that they may have been in their present location for a century or longer. This is without the need for substantial repairs. Once you renovate them, they likely won’t need much more for some time.

While contemporary plastic windows do have some advantages, they are not as long lasting. They tend to need replacements every twenty years. This is by conservative estimates. When you look at sustainability, the original timber models outclass the uPVC in longevity.

The truth about energy efficiency

Finally, we want to talk more about energy efficiency. Often the view is that classic sashes can’t ever be as efficient as modern designs, even if fully restored. But, with a good restoration and new draught proofing, sash windows can be more efficient.

In addition, original double-hung models are better for natural air conditioning. You can raise the bottom sash by a few inches and then lower the top one. This will allow cool air to enter below and hot air to escape above. You don’t find this much with contemporary windows as they tend to only have one part to open at the top or side.

Flexible and friendly sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we aim to be as flexible as we can be, working on homes and businesses. To provide the best services, we take a professional and friendly approach to our work. The service might cost less than a replacement, but the results will be first rate.

So, for the best sash window restoration Northumberland can offer, please call us. It does not matter how old your sashes may be – we will do our best to save them.