Are those windows right for you?

We are a company that has a strong reputation for being the top one specialising in sash window restoration Northumberland has. This service is more important than you might realise. After all, the windows stand out on the properties they are part of. However, this only lasts as long as they remain in great condition. They won’t be a good feature if they are in a poor state of repair. Luckily, once they start degrading, we come in and rejuvenate them.

Many people are keen to install sash windows in their homes. However, the trouble is not knowing which one to choose. They come in a myriad of materials, sizes, and shapes. As a result, making a choice can become difficult. To help, we have written a little guide covering the purchasing process. It discusses some of the considerations you will need to keep in mind.


sash window restoration NorthumberlandFirstly, ask yourself what sash window functionality is most vital to you. You may be someone with a home that is very traditional with roots set strongly in history. If this is the case, you will likely want to install a classic style.

On the other hand, you could be someone that prioritises safety above all else. If there are kids in the building, it is wise that you work to keep everything secure. There are plenty of sash windows out there with security features to put your mind at ease.

You also need to think about opening and closing. You may want to opt for a style of sash where only the bottom pane will open. Alternatively you may want the flexibility of being able to use both.

Natural light

The level of natural light is also a crucial consideration. This is something you will want to remember when picking your sash windows. Natural light has the ability to influence an interior space substantially. It will make it appear more uplifting, comfortable, open, and bigger. Sash windows capable of maximising the level of light should be a top priority.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we offer help that is far cheaper than simply getting a replacement. We are very approachable and friendly as well. This is the ideal way of providing superior customer service.

If you wish to work with the best company offering sash window restoration Northumberland has, please speak to us. We can give you the best advice for your home and budget.