Are you using your sash windows incorrectly?

Sash windows are one of the most attractive designs. They have a classic appeal and look especially good on properties with high ceilings. There are also a number of benefits with them too, including the amount of light and air they can let in, better security, and low maintenance. However, some people might actually be using them incorrectly and not getting the full rewards in one key area. We want to have a look at this today. Then, if you need reliable sash window restoration in Northumberland, you can rely on us.

Classic ventilation

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe area we are talking about is ventilation. Most people know to open a window when they want to let some fresh air into a room. Some also know it is beneficial to have them open on both sides of the property to improve airflow. However, you are missing a trick if you don’t open your sash windows correctly.

The thing to keep in mind is sash windows are a Victorian invention. They come from a period when people did not have mechanical air conditioning systems. So, they had to come up with ways to cool properties effectively.

The key here is natural convection. Some people refer to it as a ‘chimney effect’. What happens is you have an opening at the top and another at the bottom. It lets warm air rise and exit the property. Cooler, fresh air can then enter at the bottom to replace it.

You can get this kind of natural ventilation with sash windows by ensuring you open both sashes. A lot of people don’t realise this and instead just open one as far as they can. But, it is better to have smaller openings at the top and bottom.


One thing we know very well as the top provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland is that good quality windows make properties more comfortable. We can help to achieve this with our services.

Choosing to open your sashes at the top and bottom can help to make spaces much more comfortable. Crucially, it ensures there won’t be uneven ventilation. This keeps the rooms much fresher.

Another massive benefit is you can stop strong draughts. They can happen when you only have a single opening. Sadly, they can get very annoying and aren’t too good for creating a comfortable environment. Openings at the top and bottom are better because you get balanced airflow.

Making the relatively simple adjustment to open sash windows at the top and bottom can be fantastic. You could completely avoid the need for any kind of air conditioning on warm days. This would save on your energy bills and help the environment.

Do you want to arrange sash window restoration in Northumberland?

David Humble can provide fantastic services for clients with sashes. If you can’t open yours properly to get good ventilation or have issues with draughts or anything else, we have the solutions. Our team provide high quality craftsmanship every time. We can also add perimeter sealing to improve performance. Ultimately, your windows will look like they are brand new.

So, contact us today if you would like a quote for sash window restoration in Northumberland. We are the most reliable expert in the whole region.