Be aware of the window regulations

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandSash windows can be a great feature on many properties. They are especially eye catching when they are original Georgian designs. With years of experience working with them, we know they can add a lot of value. However, they can also do the opposite if they deteriorate. We stop this by offering the greatest sash window restoration Northumberland residents can ask for.

You might not know it, but there are rules regarding windows as well. Knowing what the relevant building regulations are is vital. It will help you to avoid issues, especially if you are letting a property or rent a building. The regulations cover everything from ventilation and escape access to air supply and thermal efficiency.

We feel it is necessary to go over the important details regarding these rules with you. So, keep reading for some useful info.

Fire safety

We will start with fire safety. There are two factors you must consider here. These are unprotected areas and escape routes. With the first, in the case of exterior windows and doors, chances are they must be fire resistant. As a result, the windows need to be fixed to guarantee that the fire spread risk is low.

With escape routes, the windows need to have an opening of 0.33m² at least. There must also be a minimum dimension of 450mm in width or height. If you have single side opening windows, the minimum frame width has to be 610mm. With a two-pane side opening window, the minimum width needs to be 595mm.


There are rules here you must follow with windows too. Depending on where your windows are and what you are using them for, they shall change. For instance, windows in bathrooms and kitchens need to have better ventilation systems. You can accomplish this by using fans and similar openings. The more steam there is in a room, the more ventilation you will need. If you require sash window restoration Northumberland residents can rely on, please call us.

Collision, impact, and falling

There is also protection from collision, impact, and falling to think about. As the name implies, this regulation considers the safety measures present that stop all three. In relation to windows, you have to guarantee that areas fall underneath 880mm from FFL. In other words, they have to be capable of enduring the impact forces based on the British Standard BS6180. Windows after all function as barriers from the house interior to the exterior.

Making sash window restoration in Northumberland possible

At David Humble, we show clients that there is an alternative solution other than replacing their windows. In addition to being quicker, our work is also more cost effective. You will still receive the same excellent results though. Additionally, our approachable and friendly nature allows us to offer some of the best customer service.

So, contact us today if you require sash window restoration Northumberland residents can trust. We retain these stunning features and also work to make them meet current standards and regulations.