Best type of windows for ventilation

The type of windows you have has a big impact on the ventilation and air quality in your home. With summer approaching, it may be a good idea to consider whether you have the right windows to keep your home cool. It is also worth looking to see if there are issues with opening you current ones. At David Humble we can offer help with the latter. We provide expert sash window restoration Northumberland clients can rely on.

Which window is best for ventilation?

sash window restoration NorthumberlandSliding and double hung windows tend to be some of the best options here because they can have a very large opening. In some cases this can be as much as half of the window. Sashes in particular are good as you can generally move one or both panes. The latter can be useful because you can allow airflow at the top and bottom of the window.

One of the only options that can offer a larger opening is bi-fold windows. They can fold all the way to one side, leaving almost the entire frame open. This can allow easy ventilation.

Most homes will have casement or louvre windows. These could be hung either from the side, at the top, or at the bottom. The opening arcs can help to divert air into a property but they don’t have the largest openings.

If you are targeting ventilation the one type of window you need to avoid is fixed ones. They do not open at all so cannot allow air into the building. Instead their goal is to let light in and create architectural features.

Talk to us about sash window restoration in Northumberland

So, if you have a property with sash windows you are in a great position to ensure you have good ventilation. However, you need to ensure the windows work properly. There could be some issues that make it difficult to open them. For example they could swell, the cords, weights, or spirals could be broken, or they could stick in place because of a bad paint job.

David Humble can help if you have sashes that don’t open as smoothly as you would like. We can offer expert services to restore them to their past glory. That means they will look great and work properly.

When you want the best sash window restoration Northumberland can offer, we are the company for you. Get in touch today and tell us a little more about your windows. We can offer advice and arrange a visit to see what the issue is. We can then provide the best service for you.