Can you spot an authentic sash window?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandYour home will have much better aesthetics if you have great looking windows. This is even more important if it is a building from a specific period. You don’t want to ruin the character by choosing modern ones with no style. In fact, you should do all you can to preserve the original ones. We can help, offering sash window restoration Northumberland clients can rely on.

Authentic is a word you will probably hear quite often when you have a period property. It refers to all of the original features that you keep hold of. This can include windows, architecture mouldings, joinery, and more. When it comes to sashes, there are a number of things to look for to make sure yours are the real deal.


Old sash windows will always have timber frames. There were no other options in the Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian periods. However, the real high end ones will have been quality hardwood. The durability of these timbers is one of the reasons they can last hundreds of years. Poor quality softer woods would not last anywhere near as long.

The profile

Original sashes will usually have a slim profile. This is the support for the glass units. Thinner profiles were popular with period sash windows, especially with ones that contain several smaller panes of glass.

The furniture

One of the most important features of any window is the furniture. This includes the handles, hinges, and more. With sashes, these products will be from the same period as the window itself. That means authentic things like hook fasteners, pulleys, ropes, and handles.

Other details

There are many other things to look for if you are trying to decide if a sash is authentic. For example you can check the astragal bars. These are thin strips that split panes into sections. They are a vital feature and also support the glass. Sash horns are also an ornamental feature to keep an eye out for.

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David Humble appreciates the class and elegance of traditional windows. Our goal is to preserve them so other people can enjoy the detail and heritage. To do this we use our extensive range of skills to resolve all kinds of issues. At the end each window should look great and function properly.

So, if you have a window you want to save, or need advice about whether yours are authentic, please contact us. We can provide advice and then arrange the best sash window restoration Northumberland can offer. You will love the results.