Choose restoration over replacement for sashes

Windows are an essential part of your property. They let in light, allow you to admire your surroundings and let air in when needed. Sashes are great for many reasons, including their character. So, if your property has them, keep them in place. If they ever require work doing, come to the provider of sash window restoration Northumberland can count on.

Do You Need To?

There are very few cases where replacement is the best option for your windows. Yet, many people jump straight to this idea when their windows aren’t as great as they could be. Restoration offers the chance to bring life back to them for a low cost. We can do a range of repairs and improvements to make them appear like new.

If you aren’t sure what work your windows need, why not take advantage of a free survey? This way we can take a look at what you would require while giving an exact and fair price.

Lasting Value For Money

Sash windows are a feature that is still effective besides the age of the style. From the security to the ability for air control among many other things, the design is superb. You are sure to love them and so will anyone who walks past your property.

Restoration is low in costs, yet can completely transform an old window. Through the use of specialist tools and extensive knowledge, we can fix a multitude if issues. This is alongside offering maintenance advice so that you can help them stay in great condition.

Hold On To Your Sashes

Sashes are a great feature that provide benefits because of the aesthetics and functionality. Certain properties such as period homes can lose a lot of value when you decide to replace the windows with more modern models. This is because they look out of place. Sashes can be just as high quality and effective so contact us.

For the best sash window restoration Northumberland could ask for, go to David Humble. Get in touch today; we would love to hear from you.