Dummy sash windows explained

One type of sash window you need to know about is what’s called the dummy sash. They also sometimes have names like dummy vents and fake sashes. For all intents and purposes, they seem like fully opening windows. However, they are usually part decorative, part functional. We want to have a look at them today, sharing our expertise as the top provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandAn equal sightline on a window is where every glass pane is aligned. What’s more, the panes align with the glazing bars. The result is a clean and symmetrical appearance. Windows possessing equal sightlines tend to show up in period and older properties.

A complete dummy sash is one that not meant to open. This may sound strange, but in truth there are some big advantages. They tend to be on either side of an opening sash window possessing a broad aperture. Examples would be box or bay windows.

Who uses dummy sashes?

These sashes can work for individuals who don’t want standard sliding sash windows. These will also be people who have a listed property or house in a conservation area. The window has a classic appearance and is in keeping with the building’s age. The owner can opt for a top casement that’s able to open in a hinged design.

Most dummy sashes are flush or new casement windows. Such window styles are versatile and popular. Homeowners have the window operation they desire while still having a symmetrical and slick finish.

These sashes can also work with decorative glazing such as leaded lights. The glazing will seem identical in every adjacent pane of glass. This creates a seamless finish, particularly with large feature windows. Contact us if you need the foremost services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Less light and security

Dummy sashes might not allow as much light in as different models. As a result, they are not always the top choice for small windows where light is essential.

At times, the lower element, which isn’t meant to open, isn’t as secure. It merely sits in the wall. There aren’t any window locks because it is not functioning. Property owners need to consider this. They must ensure someone can’t remove the lower part to enter the property.

The sashes aren’t functional, meaning they have zero ventilation purpose too. Saying this, some dummy windows can have slits to allow air flow.


If you intend to use dummy sashes, you must think carefully about doing so. Usually, they are combined with an operating window. This lets the property owner get the best of both worlds. They acquire the symmetry of standard sash styling with fixed instillations that they don’t need to consider. This is while the windows retain separate options for ventilation with the part that opens.

Come to us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we excel in the restoration, repair, and renovation of sashes. The services are an excellent alternative to replacing them. Not only does it require more effort to do that, but it will cost you more money. Instead, you should restore them and get the best of all worlds.

You can rely on us to offer the greatest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland. So, talk to us if you need any help.