Help your sashes look their best with a fresh coat of paint

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandDavid Humble has years of experience providing sash window restoration in Northumberland. We do this in order to preserve the beautiful architectural features. To help finish off the look of sashes, you can provide them with a lick of paint. White is the popular option for a classic look. However, you can select any colour you wish to match your home and personality. Modern options of paint are high quality, can be very vibrant, and can help protect the wood.

Painting is not something you will need to do on a regular basis. However, when you spot any gaps or cracks, you can cover them to protect the frames.

Traditional windows with history

With older windows, you can often see evidence of multiple coats of paint from over the years. Where the previous paint was not removed, it offers a historical timeline of the sash. It is actually possible to remove a small part of the layers of paint and analyse them. The materials and colours provide insight into the building and its history.

Pick the right paint

There are many types of paint to cater for specific uses. So, when choosing one for your window, you should keep aesthetics, maintenance, and compatibility in mind. This will help ensure it adheres well and will allow for a great finish. You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Surface preparation

It is important to clean and dry the surface before you start to paint. When dealing with a timber frame, you will need to remove any loose paint and decaying wood. This is along with anything else that affects the quality of the surface. Then you will need to sand the area to leave it smooth. Beware though that if you have old windows, there is the possibility that there is lead-based paint present. It is crucial to take care when removing this as it can result in negative health effects.

Beautiful sash window restoration in Northumberland

The aim of painting windows is to lift the appearance of your whole home. As experts in restoration, we adore the look and majesty of a well-maintained sash. You might have a decaying window that looks completely worn, but with care you can transform it into something that looks beautiful with its original personality.

Should you ever require any help with sash window restoration in Northumberland, David Humble is here to provide it. Call us now and we will help you arrange leading services.