How to approach painting timber sash windows

Timber sash windows require the correct level of maintenance to stay in good condition. For instance, you may need to paint them regularly so they continue to look great as time goes on. This job requires the right care in order to avoid sealing them in the process. However this is not something you have to worry a great deal about. David Humble is here to help you, offering the sash window restoration Northumberland can count on for amazing results.

Remove any hardware

It would be a really bad move to try painting windows without taking off ironmongery like locks and handles first. Leaving hardware in place on the frame will prevent you from being able to do a good job; you might also cover them in paint which would look terrible.

Paint glazing bars and the frame

sash window restoration NorthumberlandYou should focus on glazing bars first by reversing the sashes to allow you to access the entire window. Start with the top sash and let it dry before moving onto the bottom one. Remember that you will achieve a better finish when you use more than one coat. For the frames, start with the top one again before doing the bottom one. Don’t push it up completely before it is dry so that it doesn’t stick.

Paint the other parts and clean any splatters

Now, you will need to paint the rest of your sashes, including the casting and sills. Allow them to dry completely before reinstalling any hardware. Don’t worry if there are paint splatters on the window. You can remove these with a window scraper but remember not to use too much pressure so that you don’t damage the glass.

What about window sticking?

This would be a bad scenario but it wouldn’t be a total disaster seeing as it is something you can fix. You can slice the paint with a thin blade such as a utility knife without harming the wood. Carefully run it along the edges of the frame to unstick your windows. It is important to remember that taking your time is the key to a successful job.

Select the best sash window restoration in Northumberland

David Humble can fix many issues like rot, broken glass, and stuck windows. Our goal is to ensure that every single window looks fantastic when we are done. Most importantly, we try to make them look like original pieces.

We are happy to offer the sash window restoration Northumberland trusts. Get in touch today if you want to breathe new life into your windows.