How to handle whistling windows

As one of the greatest features of any home, the sash window is something that should be treated well. They can fall into a state of disrepair, often requiring an expensive replacement if maintenance is left for too long. As such, they need to be attended to at the first sign of trouble. Excelling in sash window restoration in Northumberland, we aim to bring your sashes back to their former glory in a practical and cost effective manner.

One of the biggest issues that can occur with a sash window is whistling noises. These happen when air blows through gaps around the frame and if there is any issue with the fitting of the panes. The noises can prove to be very distracting, particularly later at night and when they are heard in rooms where you want quiet such as studies. Luckily there are several ways to resolve the problem without having to resort to replacing the windows.

In some cases gaps widen because the shape of the window has changed due to wear. This can be fixed by straightening them and replacing any sections that are affected by rot or warping.

If the shape of the window is right and the panes are fitted properly the whistling may occur because you lack draught proofing. Installing some can resolve the issue, resulting in the peace and quiet you want as well as helping to make the windows more energy efficient.

At David Humble, we utilise a perimeter sealing system when working with your windows. Instead of using a ladder from the outside to get to your window, we instead remove it from within and then repair them. By adopting this approach, a considerable amount of time can be saved. The system also helps to address gaps and whistling noises.

In addition we can provide draught proofing, repair damaged sections, and even source replacement glass in many cases if it has been damaged. If you require sash window restoration in Northumberland, we are the ones to call.