How to keep your sashes in top shape

Sashes are a style of window that is centuries old. Despite this fact though, when cared for they are a highly effective choice for both efficiency and a desirable house feature. You can always count on us to provide sash window restoration Northumberland loves. We are happy to provide both advice and comprehensive services. That way people can keep their original windows.

Painting Done Right

Timber windows can last longer when you keep them well maintained and paint on a regular basis. You should look to have this done every 5 years or so, or if you discover chipping and flaking. When you do, avoid painting your windows shut. While you can have this fixed, it is much smarter to avoid it in the first place.


As is the case with most repair work, the sooner you spot a problem, the easier it is to deal with. With annual checks on your sash windows you will be able to spot rot and issues that suggest you should re-paint. This is as well as sticking and broken cords or glass.

Rely On The Best

With the way sashes are made, you can dismantle them to carry out any jobs needed and reach internal mechanisms. Our restoration services provide amazing results from having the right knowledge and tools. Along with the practical experience from various projects, David Humble is the person you can count on to get the right look for your property.

When you look to replace your windows with modern plastic designs, they could actually be more expensive to carry out repair work on. In addition, they are unable to match the mouldings and characteristics of traditional timber windows. Hold on to this classic feature by looking to us. We do everything we can to bring a window back to its former glory.

If you would like the assistance of an expert, David Humble can address a number of problems. We offer the highest quality sash window restoration Northumberland could hope for. Call 01670 515 622 to learn more.