Is it possible to soundproof sash windows?

Noise from planes, traffic, and the general chatter from passers-by can interfere with your quality of life. It will get in the way of concentration whilst working from home and restful sleep. During summer, when the windows are open, the problem gets naturally worse. If you own wooden sashes though, you might find yourself suffering even when they are shut. It may mean you need to think about soundproofing. We can help, offering first rate sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Why are they noisy?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandTimber sashes are without a doubt aesthetically pleasing when it comes to the design. For creating a quiet home though, they don’t always tick the boxes. Rattling sashes can be quite annoying. They can also let draughts in, something that can bring in outside noise.

Noise can carry through solid surfaces with ease. Sound waves move through the air, and hit the windows and walls in your house. The result is vibrations. It is the energy of said vibrations that’s transmitted through wood, glass, and other materials. In turn, this makes the air in your house vibrate. That is the noise we hear inside.

Additionally, sound waves can get through the most compact openings and gaps. Thus, original sashes with gaps between the sashes or single glazing can increase the noise in your property as well.

Countless period home owners aim to keep their original windows whilst reducing external noise. Thankfully, there are solutions here, which we are going to discuss next.

Solutions for lowering noise

You might have spotted ads for noise cancelling or soundproof windows. The truth though is that these simply don’t exist. Saying this, there are effective solutions you can use to lower your noise levels. You can also speak to us about full sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Double glazing

One option is double glazing. Introducing it to original sashes is possible due to slim modern units. They fit in timber frames. Some options feature krypton between the two panes. This is an inert gas that possesses a lower thermal conductivity than air. It keeps your home warmer. Moreover, your window will have lower acoustic conductivity for superior sound insulation.

Secondary glazing

Known as a great security and insulator option, secondary glazing also works well at minimising noise pollution. Adding a second pane of 4mm float glass offers efficient sound insulation. By upgrading to a thicker acoustic or laminated glass, you can improve the noise reduction even more.

Acoustic glass

There are types of glass that deflect and dissipate the sound wave as it hits your property. Some achieve it with thicker panes. Or units may have a bigger gap between the glazing. One other possibility would be adding layers between the panes.

Curtains and shutters

Heavy blackout curtains in thick fabrics such as velvet work well at keeping light out of a room. They do a surprisingly good job at dampening sound too. Equally, wooden shutters are able to lower the sounds.

Investing in it

Soundproofing your sash windows can help you to limit the noise that enters your property. You can create a more peaceful, quieter environment. It is possible to soundproof your windows yourself. But by working with a professional, you can guarantee that the job get is done effectively and properly. The same goes for general renovation work too.

We can provide top tier results with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we specialise in the renovation, repair, and restoration of sash windows. Our work is quicker and more cost effective than a complete replacement. More importantly, you get to keep your beautiful original features. As an experienced business, we understand how to get the best outcome for each job too.

So, if you’re in need of the greatest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland, let us know. We can advise you and provide a quote.