Look after your windows when it is cold

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandConsidering what sash windows are able to do for a property, you will want to make the effort to preserve them. Our company can aid you with this. We are the most skilful people working in sash window restoration Northumberland has. This is far cheaper and easier than simply replacing them so it is worth your attention.

Winter is the hardest time of year for your property. As a result you need to do a fair degree of preparation, especially if you have sashes. This includes making certain your windows are ready for the conditions ahead. The trouble is that many people overlook them. Sadly this can lead to a number of concerns. To help, below we outline the mistakes you should avoid with your windows when it is cold.

Securing your windows

If there is one thing everyone wants in winter, it is to keep their homes secure. Unfortunately, leaving the windows unsecured is a common practice. The window is one of the main spots where thieves can enter. Sadly over Christmas these criminals become more active as they target homes full of presents and money. As a result, it is more important than ever to check that you properly secure your windows.

Don’t force it

Forcing open stuck windows is another mistake you need to avoid. At some point or another, you may have had an issue getting the sash windows open. Simply forcing them is not the route to take. Doing so can result in some really big damages. This includes ruining frames and breaking cords. Your windows can easily fail to move, jam, or stick. In some instances though, rubbing some beeswax across the edges can assist you with moving them. For ongoing issues, seek professional advice.

High quality sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we use simple but effective methods to restore your property. When the trouble is broken glass, we use recycled materials where possible. In addition, we try to get as close to the original style as we can.

If you want to work with the top business providing sash window restoration Northumberland has, contact us today. You can also see our work and learn more on our website.