Maintain the authentic aesthetic of your home

Sash windows have long been preferred by property owners that favour traditional aesthetics and wish to preserve the value of their home. There are many other major advantages to sash windows, and when they enter a state of decline, their restoration can be a much better solution than ripping them out to make room for modern replacements.

Many people dream of having a traditional home and sash windows are ideal for adding classic and timeless charm to a property but they are susceptible to environmental effects and deterioration. The best thing about the windows is that they can be restored. The first signs of decline do not mean that they need to be taken out. Restoration services can have your windows looking great again without the money and time it takes to have them replaced.

We provide our customers with a convenient and affordable service to get their sash windows back to their very best. Our flexibility and innovative methods enable us to carry out all work from inside your home, causing you minimal disruption. Windows that are poorly sealed inevitably invite damp and disruptive noises, but we use a quality sealant to ensure your property has enhanced protection against drafts and dust. Better sealing methods also mean better insulation, energy efficiency and value for money in the long term.

Along with their undeniable kerb appeal, sash windows are ideal for the cold climate we are used to here in the UK. They offer ventilation control as they can be closed to a narrow gap to let the air in while keeping the rain out. They are equally efficient throughout the warmer months as they can be opened at the top and bottom to let the heat out and the cooler air in.

We have extensive experience in sash window repair and restoration throughout Northumberland, and our high standards of workmanship produce outstanding results. All window frames are thoroughly prepared prior to starting work and any cracked or broken glass will be replaced. All mechanical features will also be replaced for optimal function.