My sash won’t stay open!

Sash windows deteriorate like everything else. This can be an issue because they are such an aesthetically pleasing part of the building. Allowing them to fall into disrepair will lead to the opposite effect. To counter this, you can work with our team. We have years of experience providing the greatest sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer.

The thing about sash designs is that they can offer excellent ventilation. The best models are those you can open at the top and bottom so they allow a lot of air into your home. However, you need to ask what happens when they fail to stay open. To help, we are going to discuss the issue in this post and what you can do about it.

Counteracting gravity

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThese windows work to counteract gravity. They keep the window open by utilising several weights and pulleys. These are hidden inside the jambs on either side of your frame. The weights here are chosen to match the sash’s weight, so they ensure that moving the sash will be easy.

In addition, when you let go, the weights and cords ensure that the sash is not going to immediately fall back to the frame’s bottom. This prevents breakages.

You will discover that there is one balancing weight on both sides of the window. United, they will make certain the window keeps sliding along the same plane of motion. If they fail, you will start having problems. The window is going to be heavier than the weight. As a result, it won’t remain open. Make sure you speak to us if you require the best sash window restoration Northumberland has available.

Balance shoes

The balances link to the sash through little devices called balance shoes. This is what the window’s weight rests on. It transports the weight to the balances. But, if there is a shoe that has become disengaged from the frame, there will be some issues.

What you need to do is remove your sash and have a look at the bottom of the tracks on one side. If there is a shoe that has fallen to the bottom, this is likely the source of your headaches. Lift it and twist the shoe’s interior to lock it into place. Line this up with the one on the other side then re-insert your sash.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland to help them stand out

At David Humble, we know that everyone wants their sash windows to stand out as much as possible. We help to make this happen with our services. In addition to producing great results, they are cost efficient and quick.

So, feel free to give us a call if you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland has. We can resolve any issue, including sashes that won’t stay open and ones you cannot move.