Protect your home from draughts this winter

Sash windows are the embodiment of charm and character, but they can also be less energy efficient than other styles of window because of the fact that they slide to open rather than abut. They need to be draught proofed to help reduce heat loss and a proactive maintenance plan is necessary to ensure each unit is in the best condition. This is even more important in the winter or you can find yourself being bothered by unpleasant draughts and discover your energy costs are higher due to the amount of heat you lose.

Sash windows can be draught proofed in a number of ways to suit your specific requirements. Brush strips and compression seals help create a barrier against heat loss when the window is closed. Additionally you can seal sashes that no longer need to be opened, if you wish. Whatever option you choose it is important to keep ventilation in mind.

As specialists with sash window restoration across Northumberland, we use a special perimeter sealing system to draught proof windows. The technique is very useful because it makes it easier to remove windows from their frames to maintain them and also blocks draughts and dust. Once the windows are fitted back into their frames they will be properly sealed and deliver fantastic performance. The seals will also keep the units in place and prevent them from rattling in their frames when it gets windy.

Our services are designed to help maintain sash windows, keeping them looking at their best and ensuring they deliver their peak energy performance. We are highly skilled and strive to deliver the highest possible standards on every project, whether we are working on a period property or a more modern one. We will always do our very best to try to save the sashes, even if they are badly worn and damaged. If you would like to have your windows repaired or resealed this winter, please contact us to arrange an appointment and a quote.