Restoration to keep you warm in the winter

One of the greatest misconceptions about sash windows is that they are no good at retaining warmth inside homes during winter. However, it’s not normally the sash windows themselves which are to blame, but rather the fact that they have an issue which needs to be corrected with a repair or restoration. With the right level of care, sash windows can keep homes warm and cosy even through the coldest months.

Sash windows bring an elegant and charming look to a home, but if they have become swollen, warped or have a broken mechanism, they can cause problems which means they need to be fixed as quickly as possible. Cold winds penetrating through the sash frames are a rather abrupt and harsh reminder, but when this happens, we are here to help.

Many people assume that if their sash windows have a defect which allows heat to escape that they have outlived their service and must be replaced with more modern technology. In many cases, restoration can provide the solution without the need for replacements. We are able to carry out sash window restoration in Northumberland for most windows, getting them back to the condition they were originally in. We seek out the means to exactly match the original shade, style and materials of your sash windows, no matter how old or rare they may be.

Sash windows are a significant part of the heritage of British architecture and bring a distinguished, traditional look to homes they appear in. This does not, however, mean that they cannot meet modern demands, particularly when it comes to keeping warm during winter. If you’ve noticed that your windows aren’t keeping the warmth in as they should, don’t rush to cover and possibly damage the frames with insulation tape or assume that they have to be replaced altogether. Our experienced team may be able to restore it in a shorter space of time than you may think, helping to keep your home insulated and looking great.