Retaining traditional windows

Sash windows are full of character and have graced properties for over 300 years. The origin of the design is highly debated with some claiming they originated in Holland in the 17th Century. Others claim they were invented earlier in England. A third school of thought is they were created in France and spread from there. Regardless of the origin, the design still stands as one of the most attractive window options you can choose.

Sash windows became popular in the UK in 18th and 19th centuries because of their elegance and aesthetics, making them quintessentially British. They can be found on properties from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. There are even a number of more recent properties that opt for modern variations of the windows.

Sash windows need to be maintained carefully to keep them functioning smoothly and performing to the best of their ability. This is especially important with timber framed windows. Fortunately the design allows the units to be dismantled so repairs can take place. This even extends to allowing the removal of beading so that cords can be repaired and replaced when necessary.

A big advantage of timber framed sash windows is that skilled joiners can repair and replace various aspects of the frame. This means a full replacement may be avoided and the lifecycle of the window can be extended. Some sash windows have been known to last centuries when they are properly maintained.

Many potential problems with sash windows can be prevented with a good maintenance plan. You should be inspecting them at least every year to make sure there are no problems, and get professional advice periodically to see if any repairs are needed. You can prolong the life of timber frames by repainting them every few years so the substrate material is not exposed to the weather.

At David Humble we specialise in sash window restoration to help property owners maintain their windows effectively. We have extensive experience with timber frames and will do all we can to retain them. We serve property owners across Northumberland, working on all kinds of period properties. You can rely on us to offer a professional service.