Sash and casement windows are not the same

Our profession is the restoration of windows. Specifically, we work on sashes, doing all we can to maintain them because of what they contribute to the property. Without the necessary intervention they would lose their charm and ability to perform. With the finest sash window restoration Northumberland has however, your windows will persevere.

One question that comes up when talking about windows is what the differences are between sash and casement styles. Many people get confused when looking at the two. To clear up any uncertainty, we are going to go over the primary differences here.

The sash windows

sash window restoration NorthumberlandThese tend to open by vertically sliding. On the occasion however, they will slide horizontally. Wooden sash windows were very common in the Victorian and Georgian periods. The style of window varies though. Certain Edwardian structures also have these designs.

Sash windows tend to have a greater air leakage rate if you compare to casement models. This is because casements close by pressing them against a frame. Thus, it is critical to guarantee that your sash designs are draught proof.

As for potential issues, complications with the spirals or chords can lead to dropping or sticking sashes. In these cases, it is best to contact a professional. Let us know if you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland has.

How are casement designs different?

Casement windows typically open outwards, not unlike a door. However, there will be some that open inwards. They attach to a frame using two hinges or more. Casement designs were popular during the Tudor period. After falling out of favour for a time, the Edwardian Era brought them back into the spotlight again.

These windows are more difficult to break into if you lock them. The reason why is that the window opens outwards and the lock is inside the frame. Thus, it is harder for a person to force open the window from the outside.

One important thing to note about casement windows however is that they will be more exposed to the elements. This is because of how they open. Not to mention, there are more mechanical parts. Due to this fact, there is a higher chance for things to go wrong with them. In other words, it is likely they will need extra maintenance.

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