Should I choose spiral balance or box sash windows?

At some stage, your windows are going to need some maintenance. This is the area our team specialises in. It is our job to supply the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. We understand these windows better than anyone else. Additionally, we know how important they are to a building for functionality and aesthetics. So, we do everything we can to restore them.

Two types of sash

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandYou may have come across spiral balance and box sash windows previously. If so, you are likely wondering what the difference is. There are actually several elements for you to consider here.

First, there is the box sash window, also called cords and weights sashes. These are the traditional timber style. Usually, you will find them on historic structures and they are still in use today.

Then there are spiral balance windows, also referred to as spring sashes. They are the contemporary equal of the cords and weights set up. People use them as alternatives to box sash windows.

Both of them open by sliding one pane behind the other. They lack a fringe and cannot open outwards. Sash windows are able to complement Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian houses. It is the same for new builds and modern properties. You can have them in bespoke sizes and use a multitude of bar designs, sill sizes, frame thicknesses, and timbers.

Both spiral balance and box sash designs come with the same stylish and elegant design. Whatever style you go with, the investment will be well worth it, and we are here to explain why.

Box sash designs

These are classic timber windows that have been prominent in the UK for hundreds of years. The window frame is built into the window’s opening and it houses sash cords and steel weights. They run up and down over a pulley at the frame’s top section. The metal weights work to counterbalance the weight of your sash. This enables an effortless sliding motion. You can open and close merely by pushing the sash down or up.

As for the name, it originates from the box frame responsible for housing the mechanism. Furthermore, the box safeguards the pulleys, allowing them to endure for longer.

To this day, this traditional window is still utilised. There is the addition of new technology as well to lower external noise and enhance thermal efficiency. What’s more, you can fit them with modern double or triple glazing.

People normally select these sash windows for listed or historic structures. This is the style they would have had originally. By using authentic installations on period homes, they will complement the property. At the same time, they will meet building regulations.

The advantages

These windows are long lasting and come with a simple, familiar mechanism. Furthermore, you can make them with various kinds of timber. They are also suitable for conservation area houses and Grade II listed structures. They fit nicely with present traditional openings and suit heritage looks well.

Lastly, it is easy to repair them with replacement sash pulleys or cords without needing to replace the whole timber frame. If you need the best services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, give our team a call.

Spiral balance sashes

The use of weights and cords with sash designs has been modified with the spiral balance system. Such windows work using the same procedure of counterbalancing. Rather than weights and cords though, they use two springs within a PVC tube. This is a more contemporary interior mechanism. Yet, from the outside, it still provides the same classic sash window aesthetic.

Another fact about this system is that it permits you to use a slimmer frame than the box sash. Thus, it lets more light in while being less visible. Today, spiral balances are popular on modern houses or new builds that are after a classic look.

The advantages

Again the main advantage of these windows is they are durable and long lasting. They are also usually cheaper than box sashes. Spiral balances are easier to install and more secure too. You can make them with numerous types of timber with individual bar designs. They come with the same traditional feel and look as classic sash windows.

Lastly, they have enough versatility to match modern and period buildings. That makes them a very good choice for all kinds of needs.

Come to us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we have what it takes to work on a multitude of sash window designs. We do our best to preserve them and make the restoration as easy as possible. You can rely on our wealth of experience here.

So, please let us know if you need the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. We can take a look at your windows and give you suggestions.