The distinctions between sash and tilt-turn windows

Sash windows can be great additions to your home. When they are front and centre, people are more likely to stop and look at your property. Should you let them deteriorate however, the opposite shall happen. To prevent this, you should work with us. We are the number one company supplying sash window restoration Northumberland has. With our skills and passion, we can restore most sashes.

Windows have separate functions and varieties in contrasting ways, like animals. Two particularly paradoxical windows are tilt-turn and sash models. Understanding the differences shall act as a guidepost when you are choosing new ones for your house. You will be a lot less likely to purchase the wrong window design if you know what to look for.

The sash appears in many homes

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe sash design is a common window that is seen in numerous homes. They made their initial appearance in European countries. Since then, they have become popular across the globe, including in America. The sash is a framed window with two panels or more of glass with one or multiple moving panes. Usually the bottom sash will slide up to open the window. However there are some models where the top sash can also slide down.

In many instances, these windows are linked with historical building designs with window muntins. Contemporary models tend to mimic their classic predecessors with window grilles or faux muntins. They are on the exterior of the glass rather than holding smaller pieces. If you require the best sash window restoration Northumberland has, please give us a call.

The tilt-turn model

The first difference you will see with tilt-turn windows is the fact they are usually a single unit rather than two sashes. The design is Scandinavian and they are popular across large parts of Europe. However, you can now see them in others parts of the world too, including America.

The second big difference is how they open. There is a clever hinge mechanism that gives the user more control. They can turn the handle 90º and the window can open from the left or right side. Or, they can turn the handle 180º and it can tilt open from the top. This makes them easier to use. It can also be a good safety feature as you can tilt them to allow ventilation at the top without creating an opening a child could crawl through.

Cost efficient sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we provide professional, cost effective restoration services for sashes. By choosing our work instead of a full replacement, you will be able to save a lot of money. You can expect the same great results though. Not to mention, we work hard to stick as closely to the original design as we can.

So, please contact us if you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland can offer. With us it is never too late for old windows.