Thinking about child friendly windows

Childproofing a property is crucial for families with young children. There are a number of things to think about here, including stairs and windows. It is vital to reduce the risk of falls because they can result in serious injury. You need to pay specific attention if you have sashes. As the top provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland we can offer solutions for them.

A trade-off

sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe sad thing for many people is they love their sash windows. They can be some of their favourite features in the property, particularly if they are originals with a wonderful design. That makes it a really awful decision if they feel they need to remove them. Sometimes it can seem like the only option when the safety of children is a priority.

Unrestrained sashes are sadly one of the most dangerous styles of window. This is because a child could easily push one up to make the opening bigger. In doing so, the risk of falling is much greater. It does not automatically mean you need to replace the sashes though. There are actually three things you can do here that ensure you can keep them. Sash window restoration in Northumberland can help too.


The first option is the easiest and most accessible. What you can do is install bolts on the side of the sash. They work to limit how far the window can open. It will only be possible to go beyond them if you unlock the bolts. So, it will be physically impossible for a child to open the window far enough to crawl or fall through. Ideally you should use them to limit the opening to just a few centimetres.


A second option is to choose sash window guards. The idea is the same as choosing a safety gate for the stairs. What you have is a grille or mesh to protect the whole window. The guards create a barrier so children can’t get to the opening.

Double hung sashes

A final option is to change the style of sash you have. The best one here is double hung styles. They have two moveable sashes so you can move the bottom or top one. For safety, it is better to open the upper one for ventilation. It will mean the opening is too high up for children to reach.

Other tips

There are several other things you can do to boost child safety around sashes and other windows too. For starters, only have them open when an adult is present and monitoring the children.

Plus, never leave anything underneath the window that they could climb on to reach it. You could go one step further here and ensure the children don’t climb anywhere near windowsills.

Finally, ensure that any restrictors are working properly so windows can’t open too far.

Speak to us about sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble we always advise people that they don’t need to get rid of sashes. The right service can make them safe if you have children. Often you don’t need to replace them if there are issues with wear and tear too. In many cases we can restore them carefully so you can continue to enjoy them.

So, if you are looking at sashes and need a first rate service, choose us. Our sash window restoration in Northumberland is highly rated and suitable for all kinds of properties. Get in touch today and we can advise you.