What can you do with sashes on a Grade II Listed building?

A lot of people prefer old period buildings because they have more character and impressive features. However, that does put responsibility on the owners to retain them. It can limit what they can do in many cases too, especially when it comes to Grade II Listed buildings and properties in Conservation Areas. You need to consider this. Luckily, if you are thinking about sash window restoration in Northumberland, we can help you.

Some common rules

There are a few typical things you need to keep in mind when it comes to buildings with listings. Most importantly, the listing is there to preserve the property. So, you typically can’t just freely make changes. Usually you will require planning consent for major works like replacements. Think of this if you have old sash windows that look like they are on their last legs.

There are some things you can often change without needing planning permission though. This is as long as you retain the character. So, in most cases you can install things like draught protection without a concern. The same goes for security measure such as internal window locks.

The glass

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandIf you need to replace the glass, you have to be careful. There is a challenge here because you have to preserve the property but it is also important to try to improve energy efficiency. So, what you can do will differ depending on the type of glazing. Always consider this, especially when you look at sash window restoration in Northumberland.

If you have single glazing, you can generally replace it like for like, or as close as possible, without planning permission. Just keep it as close as possible in thickness. This should not have a massive impact on the appeal of the building, especially from the outside.

It is common knowledge today that double glazing is far superior to single in terms of energy efficiency. So, if you have just one pane of glass in sashes you may be looking to upgrade. In some cases you will need planning permission. A good idea is to keep the units as thin as possible (narrow profile).

When double glazing is not allowed, you may be able to get an alternative solution such as secondary glazing. This retains the original window but adds a second one behind it to improve thermal efficiency. It is a viable option for timber frames in many situations.

Always check locally

The most important thing to do is check with the local council to see what they say. Some will be strict at following the rules and may make you jump through hoops to get permission for any work. Others are more lenient and make it easier for you.

Before you even approach the council though, have a good look at the property. Does it have historical and cultural value? Is it by a famous architect or designer? Some properties make it harder to get permission to make changes because they are rare or significant.

Do you want help with sash window restoration in Northumberland?

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So, if you need some help with sash window restoration in Northumberland, speak to us. We’d be happy to offer advice, including about Listed Buildings, and quotes for any kind of job.