What window draught proofing options are available?

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With sash windows, making the choice to draught proof them is one of the best things you can do. It will allow you to save money on energy bills. Not to mention, your home will feel warm and toasty. We would love to help here. You can rely on us to provide the best services for sash window restoration Northumberland can offer.

Sashes were a regular feature on homes during the Victorian and Georgian periods. As a result, many originals will be over one hundred years old. It shouldn’t then surprise you that they rattle around in their frames. They can also have gaps that allow cold breezes to blow into your property. For you to draught proof your sash windows, you must take a different approach to those used on other windows.

There are multiple ways to tackle draughts here. What we are going to do is look at what methods you can use.


An easy option is you can seal your windows shut with silicone if you rarely, if ever, use them. This completely eliminates draughts and will have a major influence over your room’s temperature when you use the heating. You’ll find the transformation to be rather surprising.

Silicone is simple to apply and readily available. Just remember that once it is in place, it’s difficult to remove. Bear in mind that if you need this window for a fire escape, sealing won’t be an appropriate solution.

Adhesive strips

This is a very popular draught proofing method for many types of window. Normally, these are sold in rolls so you can cut to size and stick them in position. The strips are cheap and fast to fit.

However, they are not necessarily the best idea for sashes. It is not always a great long-term solution. While you are using the windows, the movement is going to dislodge the draft seals. Silicone sealant would definitely be a better solution. Contact us if you desire the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Brush seals

You can draught proof your windows using plastic or metal strips with pile or brushes attached. These come in a multitude of forms. Normally, you buy them in two parts. There is a self-adhesive ‘pile carrier’ to stick around your window frame. You then slot the fluffy brush or pile strips in to prevent draughts.

These do halt draughts, but you need to replace them eventually. This depends on how frequently you close and open your windows. Plastic and metal strips with wipers or ‘V-strips’ are typically better for casement windows instead of sash ones.

Professional methods

With sashes, the ideal option is to work with experts. For one thing, we will be able to provide you with the best advice for your windows. Furthermore, we can repair them and enhance their efficiency even more.

Professional solutions make use of draught seals that get machined and rebated into the original sashes. Afterwards, they can replace parting and staff beads with like-for-like mouldings with a draught seal. Brush pile can be inserted into every perimeter of the sash window to obtain a complete seal.

Using such a two-tier system rather than installing directly into the sash creates an extra benefit. If a draught seal gets painted or damaged and isn’t effective anymore, replacing the draught seal will be a quick job.

First rate sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we know what it’s like to look at deteriorated sash windows. As a result, we apply the maximum amount of effort to restore them to their original condition. Our approach is convenient and more cost effective than a replacement too.

So, please let us know if you need the foremost services for sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. We can organise everything with you for a great price.