Wood vs. plastic sash windows

Often homeowners get sick and tired of restoring the exterior of their home, particularly with sash windows. So the other alternative is uPVC, but prior to making any final decisions people should weigh out the pros and cons. With this in mind, we have compiled some information on both wood and plastic window frames. As one of the leading names for sash window restoration Northumberland has, we are well placed to advice on this topic.

In terms of aesthetics wood windows are more flexible, meaning they can be restored to the original design or adapted slightly. This is why people tend to opt for timber options, especially if they live in a period home. It has been said wooden frames have a particular elegance that uPVC can’t achieve easily. In addition they can be decorated with more than one colour whereas uPVC cannot.

When thinking of cost plastic is the cheaper choice, however that doesn’t necessarily mean its better. Timber sash windows can add value to your property, and good quality ones will last far longer with good maintenance; meaning a better investment for the future.

Wood that is factory finished naturally will last longer than plastic, and when restoring timber windows often an entire window replacement isn’t required. On the other hand, with plastic if a component breaks it can likely mean a whole new frame. Discolouration can affect uPVC and they can’t be painted to cover this up. Not to forget to mention wood is much stronger than uPVC, making it ideal for making larger openings for windows.

People also need to keep in mind that timber sash windows are a greener choice than uPVC. The plastic emits carbon dioxide, and produces a lot more waste every year than timbers.

So, before you make any crass decisions on installing uPVC, consider opting for the best service for sash window restoration Northumberland has. This can be the most beneficial option for your home.

At David Humble, we specialise in restoring period sashes. We aim to make the process as pain-free as possible, so if you require our expertise please get in touch today.