A window of both function and style

Sash windows can really make a home stand out from the exterior but if you don’t take the proper steps to maintain them they can cause big problems. Over time, just like everything else, they can degrade and start to suffer in terms of functionality, performance, and style. If left for long enough, restoration shall no longer be possible and a replacement will be necessary.

As soon as you notice any problems developing, we recommend you call on us to rectify the issue. At David Humble we excel at sash window restoration in Northumberland and understand exactly what is needed to preserve the windows and retain the property.

Among the numerous types of sash windows that have existed over the years, the timber sash is undoubtedly the best around. One of the main reasons as to why people prefer these models is because they are effectively insulated, with hardwood being a non-conductor of heat. In the summer time, the interiors would be cooler with the windows shut, as the wooden materials can halt the progression of heat into your house. The winter is equally as wonderful with one too since the cold air would be kept out.

It goes without saying that timber sashes are also one of the most classical choices out there. The sheer amount of designs, styles and textures make them a match for any home. They are unique, looking both traditional and highly modern and fitting with all kinds of design choices.

None of this matters however if you don’t keep your windows in good shape. If a sash window of any kind falls into a state of deterioration, not only shall it look aesthetically displeasing, but the effectiveness of its other characteristics will falter as well.

At David Humble we specialise in the restoration of all kinds of sash windows. Window repairs are tricky in general, but we take great care and have both the skills and knowledge to deliver great results. If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact us; remember the quicker you act the more likely your windows can be saved.