Common issues associated with wooden windows

As perhaps the finest window option around, the sash has proven itself stylish, functional and timeless. None of this matters however if you don’t take the necessary steps towards taking care of them. Specialising in sash window restoration in Northumberland, our company is the one to call should yours require any attention.

Any form of window inspection or repair can be hazardous, so the correct safety precautions have to be taken. Whenever we’re on a job, we always make it a point to put on some heavy duty work gloves. The main reason behind this is that cracked glass on the window might splinter whenever a sash is moved to do observations. Ladders are normally used in restoration efforts but since we make use of a perimeter sealing system, we instead take out and repair your sash from inside, negating the need for one.

Some of the most typical issues that affect wooden sash windows are rotten areas in both the joints and stills in the frame where moisture could have accumulated. Another common thing to look for is gaps where the frame meets up with the house walls, and for putty that is either missing or deteriorated.

If a spot where the painted finish has been broken is discovered, the first step is to probe it with a screwdriver. Due to years of moisture exposure, it could be the case that the spot has rotted under the paint. All of the rotten wood should be chiselled out and after the wooden spot has been filled and sanded, it’s best to paint it with sealer to keep out any more moisture.

At David Humble we can take almost any sash window that’s displaying signs of decay and turn them back into the high functioning models that they truly are. Broken glass is one of the most common problems we face and when we can, we aim to offer a style that’s as close to the original as possible. This can be tricky due to the scarcity of older materials but we always do our utmost to get a suitable match.

If your sash windows need restoration, we are just the ones to help.