Accoya is the material you didn’t know you needed

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWindows require work to keep them in good shape; original timber sashes are no different. The problem is finding someone who specialises in this particular area. Thankfully, our company exists to give you what you need. When it comes to sash window restoration, Northumberland has no better solution to offer than our team.

Sash windows provide the authentic feel and look of classic period homes. As a result it is important to do all you can to preserve them. It is also possible to dress them up using all sorts of options and frames. These work to match everyone’s unique tastes. One of the main options would be the use of Accoya wood.

An acetylated wood

If you have never used it before, Accoya is what we call acetylated wood. To put it simply, this is the operation of treating wood chemically. You also alter its cellular structure. This is what permits it to resist bacteria and temperature alterations. Because the wood is incredibly durable, it matches classic windows like the sashes. We can say the same for casement windows. If you want to, you can use Accoya for doors as well.

The use of this wood in windows all over the UK has become considerably more popular. This material is an eco-friendly substitute for standard untreated timber. It has a low carbon footprint and high sustainability. Thanks to the treatment of the appropriate pine wood, which is non-toxic, the windows won’t jam. Furthermore, they are not going to shrink or rot.

Fewer insect attacks and less maintenance

Accoya has excellent resistance to insect attacks from woodworm and wasps. They can burrow holes in untreated frames and make nests. As a result it is better to choose the harder, treated wood.

With maintenance, as opposed to regular timber, Accoya sash window frames are ones you don’t need to repaint that often. They do a fantastic job of holding the paint. This is the case even when there are years of terrible weather conditions to endure. Another fact about Accoya is that it resists heat changes during the year. So, don’t expect it to expand or shrink and damage the paint.

Overall, there are no clear disadvantages with Accoya. The starting costs are greater than regular wood products. However, the lifespan is longer, giving you excellent value for your money. It is a sophisticated green option that will easily lower your carbon footprint. Moreover, it is non-toxic and stable.

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At David Humble, we use a perimeter sealing system whilst at work. This allows us to deal with the windows from the inside. In addition to being quicker, this negates the requirement to use a ladder on the outside.

If you require aid from the leading business for sash window restoration Northumberland has, please let us know. We can repair even the most old and worn out windows.