Reducing noise with acoustic glass

Every property owner wants features that make them stand out. However, they can deteriorate if they do not get the proper care. Thankfully, our company can provide sash window restoration Northumberland clients can rely on.

A world that lacks acoustic glass is rather noisy. Housing density is increasing and transport systems can be very noisy. Because of this, noise pollution is becoming more of a nuisance and an environmental concern. Urban areas have the worst issues with it because they are so busy and built up.

The decibels

At usual levels, exterior noise typically gets to 35 decibels. However, traffic can result in a huge increase in noise. It could reach as much as 70 dBs. Those living under a flight path can expect figures in excess of 90 dBs.

Acoustic glass

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWith everyone’s desire for natural light and to be in touch with their environments, huge picture windows and folding doors have become very popular. However, standard glass is not an especially good noise insulator. This is why acoustic glass has developed so much. It can insulate against the external noise. It is suitable for most types of window, including sashes.

This type of glass is especially good for properties near places like train lines and motorways. When you use it in roof or overhead glazing, the windows can also offer insulation from rain impact sounds. It is possible to use it for inside sound insulation too. Meeting rooms and office partitions are good examples of this. Not to mention, acoustic laminated glazing will provide extra security. This is in addition to better energy efficiency.

You can use acoustic glazing in tandem with many window finishes and styles. With real timber look joints and classic timber aesthetics, you can create a window that looks great. At the same time, it will work to keep the noise down.

Come to us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are capable of working on newer and older sash windows. With old ones, we recommend that people use our perimeter sealing system. We do so because we work from the inside here instead of from the outside. This is easier and better for the windows.

If you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland residents can rely on, please contact us. We can offer lots of great advice and help you to retain your original windows.