Advice for altering historic windows

Windows have the responsibility of keeping the weather out. But, this isn’t all they do. These are eye catching features that provide a property with character. They do this via their workmanship, design, and materials, and also help to tell a story. Some could be original. Others may have been replaced or altered in response to fashion changes or decay. Whatever the case, we can provide the top services for sash window restorations Northumberland has.

If you have a listed house, it is best to seek advice before making changes to any windows. Consent could be necessary. For those who have a home in a conservation area, restrictions can apply as well. Talk to your local authority before you do any work.

Careful matching repairs

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhen possible, historic windows of interest need retaining via careful repair. A full replacement should remain a last resort. It is rarely necessary anyway. If repair goes beyond the skills of an expert, you should get an accurate copy.

Your house could be listed or in a conservation area that has an Article 4 Direction. Here, you will probably need consent for work because there will be restrictions to what you can do without planning permission. Replacements or window alterations will need to be approved. As for like-for-like repairs, you don’t usually need consent. If you have any doubts, you can contact your local authority.

It is vital to understand your windows before you work on them. For example, they could still have historic glass that has become extremely rare. Window glass was an expensive handmade product until the mid-1800s. Afterwards, new procedures made bigger sheets possible. The imperfections and thinness of old glass was attractive, but fragile. So, surviving panes are valuable and rare now.

Dating windows and properties

Detailing around window frames hasn’t remained static with time. This can aid us in dating windows and properties. Frames are also able to contribute to a building’s complete aesthetic. This is either as part of deliberate changes made later or the original design.

Historic installations were hand-crafted by craftsmen. Usually, they chose more durable timber than the stuff we have today. Lighter, thinner glass meant that glazing bars and frames could be slender too.

When bigger glass sheets became technically feasible and more popular, there was a move to robust frames. Thus, sash windows were usually created with ‘horns’. Here, the slide rails of the frames stick out slightly below the bottom rail. This made a firmer joint. Come to us if you need the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

The significance of historic windows, with their extensive list of ages and styles, can vary. Yet, craftsmanship evidence, the survival of rare and old material, and detailed designs are all valuable. This can make them of significant interest.

Adding features

For those that want to add features like fixed window boxes, you will need consent. This is if yours is a listed house or you are in a conservation area with an Article 4 Direction. You need permission for objects that would attach to the structure, instead of simply resting under their own weight.

There isn’t a reason why older windows should not be as energy efficient as newer ones. Ensuring they fit will aid you in minimising heat loss and draughts. Adding draught-stripping will have the same effect. If you possess window shutters, make certain they work. Close them at night too. For those that have missing shutters, consider new ones.

Different methods of window insulation are also available. Secondary glazing can be a great option that can preserve the current historic windows. If designed properly, it will retain the house’s external appearance. It is integral to ensure that the glazing’s design is compatible with current window mouldings, panelling, or shutters.

Let us help you with sash window restoration in Northumberland

David Humble is a flexible expert that can work on residential and commercial properties. A wealth of experience and an understanding of what needs to be done to produce the greatest results mean the services are always high quality. Not to mention, we have an unmatched level of customer service.

So, contact us if you need the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. We can handle all kinds of historic windows as well as newer timber models.