How often should I clean the inside of my windows?

Windows need attention, just like every other part of a building. Sashes need even more care due to what they add to a property. When they are in top condition, they can attract positive attention because of the style and character. If they degrade, everyone will only see them as an eyesore. To avoid this, you should work with us. We offer the finest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

With window maintenance, it is not hard to overlook the fact you need to clean the inside of windows. It is true that the outside takes the majority of the dirt. But, maintaining your interior is still wise. Of course, you have to know how often you should clean here. The frequency depends on whether you are handling a residential or commercial property. Read on to learn what to do with each of them.

Residential structures

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandIt is worth the effort to clean the insides of windows here every three months. However, the building could be in a dustier area or be exposed to more dirt or pollen. You can increase the frequency to every two months if so.

Aside from this, it could be worth it to cleanse the interior of some windows more than others. For instance, a window close to a sink, shower, and hob could experience more splatters. So, you must wash it more often.

Furthermore, if every three months isn’t working for you, handling the interior when you do the exterior can work. You should strive to clean the outside of your windows a minimum of twice a year. It is possible to use this time frame as a guide to maintaining the inside as well. Moreover, it would mean that you would have gleaming windows from the outside and vice versa. Contact us if you need the top services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Commercial structures

It is worth the effort to clean your windows more frequently here. Do this every month or two. Customers and employees like looking out of and sitting near them. So, keep each window as clean as you can.

In some circumstances, you might discover that spot cleaning is needed in between the big cleans. For example, in a restaurant, the last thing people want is to sit beside a filthy window as they eat. Similarly, people don’t want to sit in an office where there is dirt, dust and grime covering the glass. Both look unprofessional.

There is also probably going to be more foot traffic in these buildings if you compare to a residential building. Thus, more dirt, dust, and general grime will get into the space. This means you will have to clean more frequently.

Some things to look out for

There are several specific things that mean you will need to clean more often, whether it is a residential or commercial property. For starters, there may be a building site nearby or a neighbouring structure could be getting alterations. These projects can produce a fair amount of dirt, likely making your windows dirtier far faster.

If you have a property close to the coast, the salty air can make the glass murky. For those living on busy roads, general debris will float through the air. There will also likely be a lot of exhaust emissions. Both can lead to dirty windows.

Another fact is that pollen can mar the windows too. It can stick to them and then attracts dirt and other particles. You will need to get rid of it if you don’t want a grimy residue.

Children and pets will frequently touch windows with their feet, hands, tongues, and noses. As such, you will have to wipe the panes clean more often.

Work with us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we understand how important sash windows are to a property. That is why we work hard to keep them in great condition. We can restore them effectively, even if there are problems with the frames, glazing, or mechanism.

So, if you desire the foremost services for sash window restoration in Northumberland, come to us. We have years of experience and use the best techniques to save windows.