Advice for painting your sash windows

Period homes with sash windows are highly desirable. For leading help taking care of this fantastic property feature, you should give David Humble a call. We provide the services for sash window restoration Northumberland loves using.

A lick of paint can do wonders

sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhen you paint your sashes, you can improve how they look and provide them with extra weather protection. If you are careful you will have a well-painted sash window that looks great.

It is not wise to add to old layers of paint as they will build up. This can stop your window from opening and closing properly. You need to take the time to sand the woodwork and remove any old paint flakes, bubbles, or drips.

After the sanding process, you should use a rag or brush to remove any dust. You should then wipe the surface over with white spirit to remove any dust or grease. Before you start to paint, apply a coat of exterior primer and let it dry.

Reversing the sashes will allow you to get at all of the parts. Now, you can finally begin painting. Make sure you use high quality outdoor gloss paint and do not miss any areas. The paint on the woodwork should overlap the glass a little to create a seal that is watertight because exposed wood can rot.

You need to take your time when painting sashes; failing to do it correctly can lead to you sealing the window. It is important you understand that paint is not a fix for issues like rot. This is something you need to deal with rather than mask it.

Specialist attention

If your windows require professional work, you can rely on us. We work with sashes in various states of disrepair including issues like rot and broken glass. Our services will be able to help them return to peak condition for both function and visual appeal.

Thanks to the use of expert tools and extensive knowledge, David Humble can help your windows. We complete the sash window restoration Northumberland can rely on so get in touch with us today.