Repair or replace? Why restoration is the best option for sashes

With enough neglect, time, and exposure to harsh British weather, windows can suffer from wear. There is no need to worry though when you turn to David Humble. The specialist sash window restoration Northumberland relies on can bring wooden windows back to their former glory.

Which is the better option?

If your home has sash windows, it was likely built in the Victorian or Georgian era. They are distinctive and an important historical feature which has likely been in place for many years. A lot of people who own properties with original sashes face a dilemma when they begin to show their age; repair or replace? However, in the majority of situations replacement is needless. Restoration is the option you should choose due to various reasons.

They belong there

Your period house has a lot of history. Ripping out sashes and replacing them with modern windows will not suit your property. You need to pay attention to the condition they are in to understand if they need removing at all. Renovation and repair work can breathe new life back into your windows so that they look traditional but meet modern needs.

Your sash windows will hold a lot of historical value. Many people today think it is important for period homes to conserve original features instead of getting rid of them. Once the work is complete, they will look amazing for many more years.

Restore them

sash window restoration NorthumberlandThere is no need to sacrifice safety and warmth to hold on to the original features. A lot of attention to detail goes into restoration. The precision means the work makes them high quality so that they not only look better but last and function like they should.

The skilled and knowledgeable David Humble completes restoration work using specialist tools. This brings the charm and history back to your windows without harming their value. Then, all you will need to do is complete basic maintenance so that they remain in this great state for a very long time.

Don’t destroy your sashes through DIY or ruin the look by replacing them. Contact us to arrange for the high-quality sash window restoration Northumberland is home to. We are confident you will love the results.