Are children safe around sash windows?

Our primary goal is to offer stellar services to restore sash windows. We take any that are showing signs of deterioration and make them look as good as new. Using our perimeter sealing system, we are able to work more efficiently. It allows us to remove the sash from the inside instead of having to use a ladder from the outside. The result is the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Children and windows

One question people often have about sash windows is if they are safe with kids in the house. Children are naturally curious and prone to accidents after all. It is always worth the time to consider whether you can make them safer for the kids. This is a particularly vital consideration with older sashes.

You will be happy to hear that it is entirely possible to keep the little ones safe around the sash windows. All you need to do is take the right steps so you can guarantee that they can’t open them too far. Alternatively, you have to stop the children from getting too close to them. What we will be doing in this post is discussing how you can make the sashes safer.

Window restrictors

sash window restoration NorthumberlandIt can be simple for a child to open a sash window. On the other hand, they may just fiddle with one that is open already. This will produce a bigger gap they can fall through. Luckily, making a sash installation child-proof is easy. All you have to do is install safety window restrictors. They are compact bolts that you can install in the upper section of your window out of reach of children. This restricts its opening. You can get models that you operate with a key so you have extra safety.

Typically sashes can open create a huge opening. However, with restrictors you can limit it to 10cm or less. They will stop the window from going beyond that. As a result, the opening will never be big enough to pose an immediate threat to children. If you wish to open them more, you can use the restrictor key to unlock the bolts. This will let you use the window as normal.

As a secondary benefit, window restrictors can function as a security asset. Someone could try raising your sash from the exterior to get inside. However, the restrictor will stop them from doing this. If you want to look at sash window restoration Northumberland has nobody better to advise you. We can even look at installing this kind of safety device.

Window safety guards

When kids are extremely young, they are just starting to walk and explore. At this point, you probably won’t want them near an open window whatsoever. It may only be open slightly. In this scenario, you could introduce sash window safety guards. These clever devices are not unlike child safety gates for staircases. They create a barrier that your children are unable to cross. This keeps them safe from falls.

What about double hung sashes?

There are also double hung sash windows. They come with two movable sashes set inside the box frame. What this means is that you can open the window by sliding up the bottom panel. You can also do so by sliding your top panel down. Countless families with young kids prefer using this style of window. They are able to open the top window for ventilation but the children won’t be able to reach it.

Work with us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, thanks to the way we work, we can take your sash out within minutes. Then, we can renovate it to a standard you will be happy with. If there is broken glass, we will try to get as close to the original as possible whilst giving you the best results.

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