Are my sash windows secure enough?

Sash windows are an excellent feature on any home. They allow it to stand out without much effort. However, it is only the case for as long as they are in good condition. If they deteriorate, they cannot do much of anything. Luckily, when there is a problem, you can come to us. We offer the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland can ask for.

When it comes to burglary, one of the primary targets in the home is your windows. Almost one third of all break-ins happen through them. This is the case even when you have locks. Thus, you need to guarantee that your windows are secure and solid. Below we will be discussing what you can do with your sashes to stay safe.

Keep on top of maintenance

sash window restoration NorthumberlandFirstly, you must ensure that your sash windows are in great condition. The wonderful thing about classic timber designs is their beauty. This is one of the main selling points. It is extremely difficult to match their charm using contemporary uPVC equivalents. Saying this, you have to stay on top of the maintenance work. Doing so will stop the likes of weather damage, warping, and rot from taking hold.

Not keeping the windows in a good condition can leave them tricky to operate. What’s more, they will be vulnerable to break-ins. To prevent this, ensure that you keep an eye on them and use the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has when you need a full service.

Use the right locks

Another thing you can do is install sash window screw locks. There is a decent chance that your window already has some. If they don’t though, they can be a great way of keeping your house safe from anyone attempting to force entry.

It is not difficult to install screw locks and they have a lot of strength. All that you have to do is drill through the frames. Then, you can install hardened metal barrels that allow them to remain locked together. Such an approach guarantees that your sash windows will stay secure. You will be able to unlock and lock them with a key from the inside.

One extra advantage is that such locks aren’t visible from the outside. Moreover, they are impossible to pick.

There are multiple kinds of sash window locks you can use as well. One option would be a Quadrant lock fastener. These are elegant and simple security devices that come in a plethora of materials to suit numerous tastes. There is a compact arm that attaches to two plates on your frame and casement. This keeps the window shut.

Additionally, there are Brighton sash window lock fasteners. These also attach to the casement and window frame. But, they utilise screw mechanisms for extra security. You can find them in non-locking and locking variations.

Enhance your glass panes

Something else you can do is upgrade your glass. Old, brittle panes could very well be the weak link with your home security. It is a possibility to enhance them to a high-performance safety glass. You can do so without altering the appearance of your classic sash windows. Safety glass could be laminated, tempered, or heat-treated to make it nearly impossible to break into. You and your home will be secure.

If you follow the advice here, breaking into your classic sash windows won’t be simple. The majority of burglars are opportunists. If they realise you have taken your home security seriously, they will give up quickly.

Maintain rather than replace with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we offer restoration services that act as a better alternative to replacements. We are an extremely flexible business that can work on all sorts of property types. What’s more, we have a professional and friendly approach that keeps customers coming back.

So, if you would like to experience the foremost services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, contact us today. You can rely on us even with rotten old windows.