Are my windows to blame for the condensation?

We exist to provide the sash window restoration Northumberland residents can depend on. Anyone who has experience with these windows will be able to tell you of the value they can add to a property. Therefore, it is in your best interests to keep them in good shape. With our skills and experience, this should not be an issue.

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandCondensation is one word that home owners don’t like to think about. It can send chills down their spines. In addition to being damaging to the property, it can actually harm your health. If you have casement or timber sash windows, it can affect their lifespan substantially.

When you ask the majority of people, they will point to single glazing being the culprit straight away. In their minds, this is what causes condensation to run down their windows. However, the facts are a bit different. What we are going to do is explain where it originates from and what you can do about it.

Where does the moisture come from?

In truth, we generate roughly 112 pints of airborne moisture each week inside our houses. It comes from everything from washing and cooking to simple breathing. All of it has to end up somewhere. Usually, it goes into the air. It acts like a sponge and can hold differing degrees of moisture. All this depends on the relative humidity.

When the temperature drops, the relative humidity goes up. With this, the air’s capacity to hold moisture worsens. It is for this reason why moisture tends to form on a cold surface. In the majority of cases, that means the glass in your windows. It leads to condensation.

Is double glazing the answer?

People tend to see double glazing as the answer to their woes. The inner facing of this glass is warmer when you compare to a single pane. As a result, it will end up lowering the effects of condensation.

This approach might ease the most obvious of symptoms. However, it does not prevent it outright. The double glazing merely shifts the issue over to the next cold surface. Sadly that is usually your window sills or interior walls. If the issue is bad, you can see fungus, mould, and peeling wallpaper.

What is the solution?

At this point, you are probably wondering what the solution is. You will be happy to hear that your sash windows are not the issue. The key to success is proper ventilation, regardless of the windows. Well-ventilated spaces shall aid you in getting rid of most of the air.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we aim for top results when we work on a window. To make our job easier, we employ a perimeter sealing system. It allows us to take everything out and repair it from the inside. This is a quicker technique and one that does not require ladders.

So, contact us today if you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland can give. We can deliver a service that is good for your money that will also preserve vital features of your home.