Your window’s glass is important to your home

There is something that people will notice with their properties in time; they will begin to deteriorate in certain areas. This shall happen if you don’t look after things properly, including the windows. If you do run into trouble, we can provide you with the greatest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

There are many reasons for repairs and replacements

People opt to repair or replace their windows for an array of reasons. For one thing, they may upgrade for the sake of energy efficiency. This leads to comfortable living all year long. On the other hand, they may decide to change the style or replace old for new.

The right type of glass

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhatever the reason for the change, it is vital to understand that there are several types of window glass you can use. Picking the correct kind is just as crucial as obtaining the proper prescription for your glasses. Your new windows may end up looking aesthetically pleasing. Yet, they may not be energy efficient.

On average, a house loses around 10% of its heat through the windows and doors. Your best bet would be to select the most efficient type of glazing. Doing so will enable you to limit heat loss.

There is another reason why you must make sure your choice of glass is the right one. This would be noise reduction. With windows that insulate properly, your home shall become quieter. If you require the highest quality sash window restoration Northumberland can give, speak to our team.


Property owners also want the right glass for the sake of security. Acquiring impact resistant designs will provide you protection in the event of extreme weather. This could be high winds that launch things like tree branches at your windows or heavy rain or hail. The glass will also offer protection against attempts to break in.


When repairing or replacing the windows of your house, you should keep ventilation in your mind too. Your property has to remain sufficiently ventilated. This will permit fresh air to enter. At the same time, moisture can make its way out.

Quality sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we provide our services to give customers a cost effective alternative to a replacement. In addition, we aim to give you the same results you would obtain if you chose to replace. We have a lot of experience, so we can work effectively on all kinds of homes.

If you require the finest sash window restoration Northumberland has, please contact us. We can talk about your needs then offer a quote for the work.