Brief history of sash windows and why they are used

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How sashes work is by being made up of two movable panels; they slide up and down using counterbalanced cords that are weighted down. This same method is still used in some of today’s windows, but instead using springs in place of cord.

Sash windows date back as far as the late 17th century and are still in use today. They help define your building’s character, and give your home individuality, especially in this day and age where double glazing is common.

The word sash is French for ‘frame’, self explanatory for a window. Sash windows have been a part of the architecture of British buildings for many centuries; they were most popular in the Georgian and Regency periods though.

Sashes are brilliant for representing what era your home was built in; it makes you feel like where you live is an important part of history. Unfortunately, they do need to be regularly restored though. Traditionally being made out of wood, it’s possible for the material to rot and degrade over time, especially if the right maintenance has not been done. Fortunately, this is easily solved with our restoration services!

An advantage of having sash windows is that, when maintained properly and sealed from potential draughts, they create better ventilation in the building. This is great in the summer, with airflows helping to keep the building cooler.

Why else were sash windows so popular? During the time when they were first introduced, it was a lot easier to get away with breaking the law. So in this instance, people would often be burgled. Sashes however have a mechanism which enables you to have the window open ajar, without intruders being able to break in.

Sashes are such a nice feature for your home and can add great value. David Humble offers the best services to help with this. As the leading name for sash window restoration Northumberland has, we know what it takes to preserve them. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for the best advice and services!