Maintaining your sash windows

David Humble has become the leading name for sash window restoration Northumberland has by offering a comprehensive, consistently high quality service. We believe that sash windows are the best features of any property. Although they are beautiful, making your home stand out, they can be quite the opposite if poorly cared for. Once they start to deteriorate, they can make your property look damaged or outdated. Fortunately the correct maintenance can stop the deterioration.  

Implementing small changes will make a big difference in the longevity of your sash windows. A common problem is experiencing draughts. Gaps are found around sashes between the frame and the sash. Without them the windows would not be able to slide open but air can escape and cold can get in through them, both of which result in higher heating bills. Not only is this costly, but also not very good for the environment.

A solution to this is the installation of draught proofed beading. There are some very discreet options that can be fitted and not affect the aesthetics of the window. An alternative to beading is to have brushes or seals inserted; they are equally as effective. The initial expenses for these draught proof materials are worth the money you will save in the long term.

Another problem that can occur with sash windows is when they stick. This is caused sometimes by a messy paint job literally sealing the window in place. If this does happen, a simple solution is to just run a knife down the edge to free it, or rub some wax or oil along the frame. Regardless, it is important that you get your sash windows done professionally. Getting a trained tradesman to do the work will provide more quality and is more likely to prevent problems from ever occurring in the first place.

Finally, a more long term problem is your sash windows rotting. Usually fixing this issue isn’t a problem. Ensure you clean the area thoroughly and remove any debris, then apply a wood hardener. If the rot is quite extensive, you may be better off having the window removed and chemically stripped. Sections can also be replaced with new, stronger timber if necessary.

All of these problems listed are seen by our team often. Fortunately we can help maintain your sash windows at affordable prices. A free survey is available if you are not sure they need tending to.

Any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are proud to be the best provider of sash window restoration Northumberland has and always go to the next level to preserve the windows.